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Summer Visiting

I am a homebody. Pure and simple. When people ask me what I am going to do for summer vacation, I say: “Watch TV, read, take naps, be bored.” I do think a summer vacation is worth it when I become bored out of my mind. Then I know I am rested.

So, why have I gone to 3 parties and am having 2 sets of company today? To celebrate the end of the year, Jay has a 4th grade teacher BBQ in his very relaxing backyard. I get to come because I am an honorary 4th grade teacher. Then one of Marty’s clients, Travelscope, had a Season 3 debut party. We didn’t know anyone aside from the hosts. It was very “wine and cheese”. Marty and I drank Pepsi. Then, last night we drove out to Ontario for a birthday party for the patriarch of the family who has taken care of Marty during his growing years. It was very “carne asada”. Today we are having a couple from the Belvedere ward for lunch with Marty’s mom. And tonight Marty’s best man, from the family we visited last night, is bringing his family by. All 4 or 5 or 15 kids.

I’m doing ok. I’m browning ground beef for California tacos. Marty helped clean the house last night and I finished up this morning. I do like having guest for the simple fact that my house finally gets clean. Otherwise, I would just watch TV, read and then take a nap.

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