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Alaska Day 3

Breakfast at the “Bed & Breakfast” was good. Afterward we packed, grabbed a couple of bikes and headed down a trail for the coast. It sounds long, but it was probably only a few miles. The trail took us right through downtown where we walked for a bit and stopped for lunch.

Beth was pointing out how strange it must be to live in a place where all the big shops are souvenir shops of you. We continue to be amazed by how quiet it is here, even when it’s loud, it isn’t.

We rode back around 1pm and you know, for someone who rode a bike for two years, I am so out of shape, I couldn’t get up a small hill, seriously small!

Anyways, the highlight was actually our trip to the cabin. It was about a two hour drive, but along the way we stopped by a lake to watch beluga whales! We love it here!

I am posting from my iPhone so I can’t post any pix, but we will as soon as we are back in civilization.

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