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Anchorage Alaska Day 2

We had a great breakfast this morning. Deer sausage, toast, cereal and O.J. The owners of the bed & breakfast we are staying at, make breakfast for everyone staying here. Up to then, I hadn’t seen very many latino faces, but turns out that the son of the owner is married to a Mexican woman, so I am not the only Mexican in Alaska.

We visited the Alaska Native Heritage Center where we saw a baby moose, I was hoping to see the mother or the father around, but we didn’t. The Heritage Center was fun, we sat through a group of native Alaskan dancers who taught us about their dances and songs.

The center is small, so we had a chance to walk through the entire center in just under an hour. I was fascinated by the way the natives lived. The homes looked like something right out of the Shire from the “Lord of the Rings.”

After a nap (for a lot longer than we expected), we took a bike ride over to the “Bear Tooth Grill”—Mexican food with an Alaskan twist. I had, probably the best burger ever—Rosemary grilled burger. Beth had a mushroom, spinich enchilada plate. We left the restaurant at almost 10pm and it was still light outside. It took us a bit to ride back to the bed & breakfast and by the time we got home it was already dark, but I am loving these long days.

Tomorrow, we leave for the lodge. We’re excited!

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