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Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! There are few things more exciting. This was a good year. 2nd grade is a good match for me, and my kids really learned stuff. I think I will really miss them.

But, I am so glad for the summer. I get to go to the dentist and the women’s doctor.

Then, I get to enjoy the summer. My friend Nam is getting married, and then I get to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. In August is my birthday and our anniversary trip to Alaska. We also plan to visit my family in San Jose a couple times. Marty is taking his last math classes and I am going to a couple weeks of Art training for school. Maybe some Science training too. Really I look forward to watching tv all day and staying up late on Sundays to watch The Next Food Network Star at Marty’s mom’s house. Yea!

Happy Vacation!

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