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Like Gravity

Sometimes, when I think, “I feel like writing a post,” I laugh at myself. I hate writing. I am sitting at my computer listening to rain and thunder.  On http://www.soundsleeping.com/. It’s kinda funny when I think about it. Those sounds would never come from outside.

I just read a post about how a church group asked a member to leave because they had too many problems. The post was about how, if ever there was a place for problems, it is church. Earlier today, I talked to my mom and heard that my aunt has a couple tumors in her brain. She had a seizure. My aunt’s body is racked with cancer. She lives alone, if she can find a ride, she will start radiation for her tumors.

I am feeling sad and melancholy.

I feel like there is something about being close to God that I am missing. I feel no where as “in tune” with God as I did when I was in InterVarsity in college. But my life has also changed. Of course my relationship with God has changed. But I am not “in it” every second, like I felt I was before. You know how gravity is just there? You are affected by it every second, but you don’t actively think about it unless you are standing on a chair and trying not to fall off. That is how I feel about God now. He affects all of me, all of my life. And I know that. I praise and thank Him for that. But I don’t think about it every second. Should I? I feel like my faith and trust in Him is solid. But I feel the lack on contact when I don’t know what to do about my aunt’s brain tumors. Besides pray. And I remember that that is the most valuable thing I have to give.

In the midst of feeling far away, I still have open access to the God of the universe. My God, my Father.


Summer Visiting

I am a homebody. Pure and simple. When people ask me what I am going to do for summer vacation, I say: “Watch TV, read, take naps, be bored.” I do think a summer vacation is worth it when I become bored out of my mind. Then I know I am rested.

So, why have I gone to 3 parties and am having 2 sets of company today? To celebrate the end of the year, Jay has a 4th grade teacher BBQ in his very relaxing backyard. I get to come because I am an honorary 4th grade teacher. Then one of Marty’s clients, Travelscope, had a Season 3 debut party. We didn’t know anyone aside from the hosts. It was very “wine and cheese”. Marty and I drank Pepsi. Then, last night we drove out to Ontario for a birthday party for the patriarch of the family who has taken care of Marty during his growing years. It was very “carne asada”. Today we are having a couple from the Belvedere ward for lunch with Marty’s mom. And tonight Marty’s best man, from the family we visited last night, is bringing his family by. All 4 or 5 or 15 kids.

I’m doing ok. I’m browning ground beef for California tacos. Marty helped clean the house last night and I finished up this morning. I do like having guest for the simple fact that my house finally gets clean. Otherwise, I would just watch TV, read and then take a nap.


Alaska Day 3

Breakfast at the “Bed & Breakfast” was good. Afterward we packed, grabbed a couple of bikes and headed down a trail for the coast. It sounds long, but it was probably only a few miles. The trail took us right through downtown where we walked for a bit and stopped for lunch.

Beth was pointing out how strange it must be to live in a place where all the big shops are souvenir shops of you. We continue to be amazed by how quiet it is here, even when it’s loud, it isn’t.

We rode back around 1pm and you know, for someone who rode a bike for two years, I am so out of shape, I couldn’t get up a small hill, seriously small!

Anyways, the highlight was actually our trip to the cabin. It was about a two hour drive, but along the way we stopped by a lake to watch beluga whales! We love it here!

I am posting from my iPhone so I can’t post any pix, but we will as soon as we are back in civilization.


Anchorage Alaska Day 2

We had a great breakfast this morning. Deer sausage, toast, cereal and O.J. The owners of the bed & breakfast we are staying at, make breakfast for everyone staying here. Up to then, I hadn’t seen very many latino faces, but turns out that the son of the owner is married to a Mexican woman, so I am not the only Mexican in Alaska.

We visited the Alaska Native Heritage Center where we saw a baby moose, I was hoping to see the mother or the father around, but we didn’t. The Heritage Center was fun, we sat through a group of native Alaskan dancers who taught us about their dances and songs.

The center is small, so we had a chance to walk through the entire center in just under an hour. I was fascinated by the way the natives lived. The homes looked like something right out of the Shire from the “Lord of the Rings.”

After a nap (for a lot longer than we expected), we took a bike ride over to the “Bear Tooth Grill”—Mexican food with an Alaskan twist. I had, probably the best burger ever—Rosemary grilled burger. Beth had a mushroom, spinich enchilada plate. We left the restaurant at almost 10pm and it was still light outside. It took us a bit to ride back to the bed & breakfast and by the time we got home it was already dark, but I am loving these long days.

Tomorrow, we leave for the lodge. We’re excited!


Anchorage Alaska Day 1

We left L.A. at about 9am and after a layover in Las Vegas—where I won $25 playing .05 slot machines— we were on our way to Anchorage.

We landed about 4:00pm in Anchorage and after a short cab ride we arrived at the little bed & breakfast that Beth found. It’s fabulous!

We really didn’t wait long to check out the town. We took a walk to downtown through the mall and ended up at Uncle Joes Pizzeria which was about a mile and a half away.

So far, we LOVE it! I am particularly fond of how green it is here and that there are NO palm trees—just like in Seattle. It doesn’t get dark until really late. 9:30 – 10:00 pm you can still be outside with enough light to think it’s 5 or 6pm. As someone who needs very little sleep, I LOVE IT


Alaska Here We Come

This has got to be a personal record for the least and fastest packed vacation Beth and I have been to together. We have one back to check in between the two of us and one carry on each. Not bad for two people who usually carry more than they should because we can’t make a desicion about what to take to save our lives. We’re excited! Never been to Alaska before, and we joke about deciding to move there. The flight leaves in 4 hours and we’re just getting up now. Yey!


Alaska is all planned, mostly

Our big anniversary trip to Alaska is finally planned and mostly paid for.  Not to bad of a deal, either.

We are leaving on a Sunday in late August and staying 2 nights at the Anchorage Walkabout B&B. htttp://anchoragewalkabout.com  It will provide a full breakfast and free bikes to borrow.  (Marty is very excited about this perk.)  Then, we are off to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge for river rafting and hiking and sitting around in nature.  http://alaskawildland.com  On the 4th and last day, we get to take a 6 hour glacier cruise and trip on the railroad back to Anchorage.  Then another to days at the B&B.  We are excited.  Alaska was our orginal honeymoon plan, but was postponed.

Since our anniversay is on Sunday and out trip is in August, we are going to a dinner theater and overnight on the Queen Mary.  (Well, if they ever answer their phone, anyway.)

We are also planning a trip to Salt Lake City for Christmas, and now Mary wants to go to Hawaii.  How fun, (and expensive) it is to be married.


one day more

Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! There are few things more exciting. This was a good year. 2nd grade is a good match for me, and my kids really learned stuff. I think I will really miss them.

But, I am so glad for the summer. I get to go to the dentist and the women’s doctor.

Then, I get to enjoy the summer. My friend Nam is getting married, and then I get to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. In August is my birthday and our anniversary trip to Alaska. We also plan to visit my family in San Jose a couple times. Marty is taking his last math classes and I am going to a couple weeks of Art training for school. Maybe some Science training too. Really I look forward to watching tv all day and staying up late on Sundays to watch The Next Food Network Star at Marty’s mom’s house. Yea!

Happy Vacation!


April 6, 9 months

Happy Monthaversary to us! We are off to the Clarke Estate were we were married to enjoy some time together and guacamole. (Manuel’s aunt has a tree, we lucked out.)

All the vacations are over. Tomorrow, I have a field trip at school, then tutoring, then rush home and to art class until 10:00. The last time I did this I got sick, but I’ve had 3 week without all of those things at once, and I think I am ready to go again. I’ll let you know how my mid-term portfolio review goes. (I think it’s good.)


Easter weekend

Manuel and I will celebrate our 9 month anniversay on Sunday.  Yea!  As every month goes by, we have Rachael Ray’s Thai Chicken Pizza and experience the surrealness of being married.  It is now less surreal than it was, but sometimes it is more.  We are having so much fun together.

We took a trip to San Diego over Easter weekend.  We were feeling the drain of work and school and time going on and on and on.  It was wonderful.  Manuel didn’t even bring his computer.  He was going to leave his iphone home too, but good thing he didn’t, we used it to navigate everywhere, (including to the auto parts store after my rear view mirror fell of).

It was so wonderful to have no worries, except if we were eating too many Pringles and donuts.  We went to a science museum at Balboa Park and played like little kids.  We woke up in the morning and went to the hot tub, and then swimming, then out to lunch.

Manuel loves me.  I can tell.  It was wonderful to experience it in that total  undistracted all-attention-on-me way for a weekend.